Non-Dairy Creamer Market Is Expected to Show the Lucrative Growth by the year 2029

Non-dairy creamer is produced using either the vegetable oils or the plant-based milk and then spray-dried to achieve either a powder form & packaged liquid form after concentrating it or frozen. Non-dairy creamer in the powdered form has the highest economic contribution out of the three, due to its higher shelf life. The use of non-dairy creamer is extensive as it can be used in a wide number of applications in the food and beverage processing industry, food services, and households as a substitute for the traditional creamers. As non-dairy creamer impart a taste like milk creamers and bring some consistency to the product it is added to, the non-dairy creamer is being more favored by consumers in comparison to the traditional milk creamers. Also, the vegan population is increasing globally, which consumes non-dairy creamer resulting in higher demand for non-dairy creamer. Rising demand for non-dairy creamer and an increasing number of small, medium and large scale manufacturers across the world are the reasons for growing the intensive competition in the non-dairy creamer market. To sustain the position in non-dairy creamer market companies are manufacturing unique & high-quality non-dairy creamer products with multiple benefits.

Overview of the Global Non-Dairy
Creamer Market

to the latest report published in TMR, gives us the current view about the
global non-dairy creamer market and has come up with a conclusion that the
market’s sales are expected to increase in the forecasted period. The higher
shelf life has an impact on the choice of consumers as well as retailers that
sell the product. The storage of non-dairy creamer in the supermarkets is also
easier and cost-effective as this non-dairy creamer has an extended life and
ease of storage for the retailer. The millennials and Generation Z are the main
consumers of the non-dairy creamer products as they are always ready for experimenting
and trying out new products. The availability of options is a major factor for
dairy alternatives to be preferred. And the nutritional requirements are also
accomplished due to which the growth rate of non-dairy creamer is increasing.

Segmentation of Global Non-Dairy
Creamer Market

The non-dairy creamer products are segmented
into powder and liquid. The Non-dairy creamer products are available in
different packaging such as bags, bottles, sachets, jars, and also available in
bulk quantity which is convenient for the consumers as they can choose the
product in the required quantity. Organic non-dairy creamers are preferred by
consumers because multiple synthetic additives are added in the conventional
non-dairy creamers which can cause allergies or food poisoning.  The various flavors of non-dairy creamers are
available in the market such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, coconut and many
more. Manufacturers of non-dairy creamers are investing in research & development
to launch innovative flavors and products in the market. The number of
health-conscious consumers is increasing rapidly due to which light and
fat-free non-dairy creamers demand is increasing as compared to the original.
Non-dairy creamers are produced using plant-based milk and vegetable oil.
Non-dairy creamer is used widely in food & beverage processing such as
infant food, bakery products, prepared & packaged food, and food premixes,
etc. It is also used in the HoReCa & household/retail. Non-dairy creamers
are easily available in hypermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores and
online retail due to which the awareness of different non-dairy creamers
products is increasing amongst the consumers.

Competitive Outlook of Non-Dairy
Creamer Market

Non-dairy creamer is available in a wide variety of products, which could cater to the various demands. These varieties are in the form of base and also in flavors which is significantly driving the non-dairy creamer market. The consumer base, especially the lactose-intolerant and the vegan population, for non-dairy creamer is also increasing at a high rate. Lactose-intolerant consumers and those supporting veganism can use these non-dairy creamers for their beverages as an alternative for the traditional creamers. Some of the global key manufacturers and suppliers of non-dairy creamers are Custom Food Group, Fujian Jumbo Grand Food Co Ltd, Rich’s Products Corp., Compact Industries, Inc., Shandong Tianjiao Biotech Co. Ltd., Frusela Ltd., Nestlé S.A., CoreFX Ingredients, Stancodex Pvt. Ltd, Balchem Corporation, Califia Farms, The White Wave Foods Company, FrieslandCampina Kievit BV, DreamPak LLC, TreeHouse Foods Inc., PT Santos Premium Krimer, Cremio JSC, Korn Thai Co. Ltd., Viceroy Holland B.V. Apart, from these manufacturers many other manufacturers are trying to invest into this market. With the help of imperative information about drivers, restraints, and trends in the global non-dairy creamer market, the market study published by FMI provides helpful information to manufacturers and distributors.

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