Citrus Oils: Gaining Momentum as Food Additives and Aromatherapy Oils

The demand for essential oils as a whole has grown as a
direct consequence of the increased popularity of their use in aromatherapy
with regard to the various benefits offered by them. With rising awareness
among consumers about their functional uses, and growing availability of the
same has been instrumental in the growing popularity of essential oils. The use
of citrus oils is also a trend that has quickly caught on, due to its versatility
and practical benefits. It is being extensively used across industries with a
variety of applications in food & beverage, cosmetics & fragrance, home
products and even aromatherapy, among others.

The global citrus oil market has been growing at a steady rate in recent years and this is a trend that is expected to continue, with Europe emerging as a significant consumer. Due to the popularity of citrus oil in its many applications and the flourishing food industry in the major countries in the region, the demand for it in this region is likely to be stable in the foreseeable future.

“Organic” and
“Natural”: Trending Buzzwords

Of the various trends that have had an impact on the food,
personal care and essential oils collectively, the most pervasive one yet has
been consumer preference to organic and natural ingredients and foods.
Consumers are now interested, more than ever before in the source and origin of
the products they use, the environmental impact and the health benefits as
well. This trend is significant to the production of essential oils in
particular due to its various applications and consumer awareness of the
negative effect of chemicals on the human body.

The impact of this trend of people shifting to organic and
natural is evident in the choices being made, with organic essential oils
gaining traction. Even in the case of citrus oils, consumer interest has
rocketed in organic production, and consumer awareness about the benefits of
citrus oils is contributing to the expansion of the market.

Popularity of
Cold-pressed Oils

The process of cold-pressing involved the extraction of oils
without the application of heat at any stage. Cold-pressing results in a final
product that has a deeper flavor palate and a better nutritional profile. This
extraction process is getting increasingly popular in recent years, even as
they are marketed as being a healthier alternative to regular oils. This trend
is particularly significant to citrus oils as the process also helps preserve
its flavor and aroma, and untreated oils are being increasingly preferred by
consumers over refined oil that has lower nutritional value.

Application of Citrus
Oil in the Food industry

The use of citrus oil in the food industry has expanded
quite rapidly in recent years, being used for flavor and aroma across varieties
of food products including, beverages, and bakery & confectionary items,
among others. They are being widely used as flavor enhancers and have become a
popular application contributing to the growth of the global citrus oil market.
It also has application as a masking agent to allay the taste of strong and
pungent ingredients as well.

There is also a rising level of interest in the application
of citrus oil as a natural preservative. This is in line with the growing
disinclination with artificial and synthetic preservatives that have been the
standard in the food industry. With awareness of the harmful effects of
chemical additives on health and wellness becoming common knowledge, citrus oil
is being leveraged by manufacturers in the industry as a natural alternative to
these chemical additives.

Skincare and Beauty:
a Rapidly Growing End-use Industry for Citrus Oils

Skincare and beauty has also become another growing end-use industry for citrus oils in recent years. Citrus oils have several applications in skincare being antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and are even being used in the management of acne. The growing interest in citrus oils in beauty is being capitalized by manufacturers in the industry as they make inroads into the market, with strategic planning, promotion, and awareness initiatives to popularize the same. The use of citrus oil in personal care and beauty products is likely to become of the fastest-growing applications in the foreseeable future.

Citrus Oils in Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils in aromatherapy makes this a
popular end-use industry for oils. The varied health benefits that are offered
by citrus oils, such as reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms, as a pain
reliever, and even as a way to ease stress, fight fatigue and insomnia, have
caused its growing rate of adoption in aromatherapy in recent years.
Manufacturers or citrus oils are looking at making inroads into the
aromatherapy industry by awareness programs aimed at increasing the popularity
of the product, allowing them to gain a footing in the industry. Due to their
aromatic property, citrus oils are also becoming popular in homecare products
as well.

Citrus oil is quickly becoming a consumer favorite and preference, and to meet the increasing demand from the market, manufacturers are rising to the occasion, giving it the attention it deserves.

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