Acrylic Paints – Redefining Modern Day Art & Craft and Do-It-Yourself Activities

Gone are the days when artists were solely using
water and oil paints to express their art. In recent times, acrylic painting
has emerged as one of the most sought-after expression of art and the trend is
here to stay. Although, acrylic painting is a modern and a relatively new
concept within the art space, its adoption in the US over the last few years
has witnessed a steady growth. Artists, students, and other art enthusiasts are
leaning towards the usage of acrylic paints to innovate and try fresh ideas
owing to a myriad of benefits offered by acrylic art. Thus, the non-commercial
acrylic paint market in the US is witnessing a steady growth in recent years.
Further, anticipating the growing demand for acrylic paints, several companies
operating in the acrylic paint market in the US have expanded their product
range. Brands are focusing on different parameters such as color range,
quality, permanence, drying time, and viscosity among others to cement their
position in the current market landscape. In addition, factors including,
growing popularity of ‘do-it-yourself’ art activities (DIY), exemplary
penetration of the internet, and surge in the number of students and artists in
the US are playing an imperative role in enhancing the popularity of acrylic
paints in the region.

Social Media Era – Presenting Artists an Excellent Platform to Showcase Art

For several years, artists primarily relied on
workshops, exhibitions, fund raisers, and word-of-mouth marketing among others
to showcase their art. However, the advent of social media has revolutionized
the way artists are presenting their art to the masses. In addition, the onset
of social media marketing and influencer marketing has played a critical role
in boosting the prospects of upcoming artists by providing them a visible
platform to showcase their art. In addition, although the do-it-yourself (DIY)
is not a recent fad, the onset of the internet made it popular amongst the
masses. Further, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and
Pinterest have made art content more accessible to the audience. With the dawn
of social media and other online platforms where artists could promote their
art, the art and craft industry in the US witnessed a commendable growth which
in turn, generated a noteworthy demand for acrylic paints.

Acrylic Paints Gain Popularity

Since their invention in the mid-20th century, acrylic paints have offered artists an ideal substitute for expensive, toxic, and slow-drying paints. Further, the adoption of acrylics was slow-paced in its initial leg owing to the lack of pigments and unappealing properties. However, over time, acrylic paints emerged as one of the safest and versatile materials for painting. The major benefits of using acrylic paints is that they do not require heavy maintenance. Further, artists can easily control the texture and consistency of acrylic paints making them a viable option for painting. In addition, one of the most distinct advantages offered by acrylics over other paint counterparts including water and oil paints is that acrylics dry at a fast rate. Thus, artists can paint another layer of acrylic paints in a few hours. In addition, the fast-drying feature of acrylics enables artists to complete glazing (an art technique) at rapid speeds. The demand for non-commercial acrylic paints has surged in the US in the last decade. Increase in the disposable income, growing adoption of DIY activities as a hobby, onset of social media, and increase in the number of art workshops and groups are some of the factors that have heightened the demand for acrylic paints in recent years. Further, as brands continue to focus on enhancing the quality and primary properties of acrylic paints, its adoption is projected to scale new heights in the upcoming years

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