Mucopolysaccharidosis Treatment Market Revenue to Witness Rapid Growth in the Near Future

The Market is driven by the Increasing Number of Clinical Research Studies to Improve Mucopolysaccharidosis Treatment, Coupled with an Easy Drug Approval Process

A market study presented by FMI ‘ mucopolysaccharidosis
treatment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014-2018 and Opportunity Assessment
2019-2029,’ explains
the significant factors influencing the current market structure.

According to research, the mucopolysaccharidosis treatment is still emerging, and different
geographies have implemented standard treatment options for the condition. However,
there is no universally accepted treatment pattern for mucopolysaccharidosis. Mucopolysaccharidosis
falls under rare diseases, which is a complex, diverse, constantly evolving field,
and there is a significant shortage of medical and scientific data related to
it. Mucopolysaccharidosis treatment and diagnosis involves complex managing
requirements, which include long-term care, rehabilitation support, and a continuous
treatment plan.

In the present scenario, the drugs that
are considered for mucopolysaccharidosis treatment, such as aldurazyme, naglazyme,
vimizim, elaprase, mepsevii and hunterase, are the only regulated and
recommended drugs present in the market. These drugs fall under enzyme
replacement therapies, however, with present research initiatives for stem cell
therapies, the latter is considered a prominent mucopolysaccharidosis treatment.
Clinical research shows that stem cell transplantation covers a large area that
is not covered with the more frequently recommended practice of enzyme
replacement therapies. This changes the current market structure for mucopolysaccharidosis
treatment, which prioritises the latter. Stem cell therapy is a therapeutic
option for mucopolysaccharidosis patients suffering from a severe phenotype, as
research shows the method can preserve neurocognition or can even help break
the progressive neurodegeneration. The method is provided with strict selection
criteria, which is followed by maintained regulations. Research shows that stem
cell therapy as a treatment option is gaining popularity among healthcare
professionals for mucopolysaccharidosis treatment, which can be attributed to
the relation of its better reach towards a normal health condition for the

As per further assessments of the mucopolysaccharidosis
treatment market, it has been difficult to collect  epidemiological data pertaining to rare
diseases, especially mucopolysaccharidosis treatment, which is likely to impede
the actual estimation of the economic burden associated with the condition. The
cost estimation for each mucopolysaccharidosis treatment type is affecting and,
in turn, creating a more vulnerable situation for the businesses and disrupting
research & development activities for each company. Enzyme replacement
therapy is the most attractive segment for investors, however, the
unavailability of reimbursement plans and precise treatment plans is
encouraging most patient in developing regions to opt for symptomatic
treatments instead of enzyme replacement therapy, which is still considered to
be the standard mucopolysaccharidosis treatment.

The report segments the mucopolysaccharidosis
treatment market into seven regions to elaborate on the regional trends pertaining
to the treatment plan. Major players are focusing on increasing their market
share in the Asia Pacific market through strategic collaborations with regional
research institutes. There is a lack of awareness about rare diseases among the
general public as well as in medical healthcare facilities in several emerging
economies. According to a survey and industry report, it takes patients in the
US an average of 7.6 years and patients in the UK an average of 5.6 years to
actually receive a proper diagnosis. Moreover, it involves a team of healthcare
professionals to actually get the right mucopolysaccharidosis treatment and
diagnosis pattern for reported cases.

Manufacturers are in the process of introducing a considerable number of mucopolysaccharidosis treatment options, which are currently under clinical trials. An estimated 160 and above clinical trials are being performed for mucopolysaccharidosis treatment. Thus, ensuring that the manufacturers take this mucopolysaccharidosis treatment market to be lucrative and potential rich in terms of revenue. Medical research institutes play an important role in this particular market. They are expected to be the bridge between treatment plans and economical solutions for manufacturers, thus leaving an explicable and lucrative model for mucopolysaccharidosis treatment.

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The mucopolysaccharidosis treatment market
includes companies such as BioMarin Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited,
Sanofi S.A., and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. BioMarin accounts for a
significant value share in the present mucopolysaccharidosis treatment market. The
currently existing promising drug types are expected to face competition from
emerging candidates. In addition the mucopolysaccharidosis treatment products
of other companies, such as Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc., REGENXBIO Inc., Sarepta
Therapeutics, Abeona Therapeutics, Inc., and others, are also in the pipeline.

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