Welded Blisters Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2017-2027

Welded blisters market has emerged as a dynamic development in the packaging market due to the light sensitive nature of welded blisters. Welded blisters protect products from UV rays while providing a longer shelf life to products across various industries. These tamper resistant and durable blisters are contributing to the promotion of welded blister market. Welded blisters provide compact and precise packaging to maintain product quality by efficiently using the space. Manufacturers of welded blisters have to ensure that the best quality raw material are used for the blister formation, so as to have the transparent exposure of the product. The welded blisters are two thermoformed valves sealed together by a welding machine. Blister halves are transparent in nature and designed around the product aiding to the complete exposure of the product. This allows brands to publicize the product to the customers by inserting a small piece of cardboard between the two welded blister halves which permits advertising of the product.

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Welded Blisters Market- Market Dynamics:

The quality of welded blisters in protecting expensive consumer protection against theft and shoplifting is contributing to the growth of the welded blisters market. Another factor promoting the growth of welded blister market is that more than a single product can be packed together allowing large distribution of the product. Welded blisters are preferred by brands in order to publicize, promote and exhibit the product. The design and technology of welded blisters to use the space around the product through thermoformed blisters protects the integrity of the product. Welded blisters offer protection against moisture and pollution for a longer period of time, which allows the product to have a longer shelf life. However, the primary factor hindering the growth of welded blisters market is the requirement of a special sealing process for welding the two halves of the blister. Welded blisters market is also facing a barrier due to the fact that the welded blisters can only be cut open with the help of a knife or scissors. The use of tailor made polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoforming in various colored blisters is observed to be an emerging trend in the welded blisters market. Players in the welded blisters market are improving their product offering by adopting to new cold blister technique for creating steeper blister angles using lesser raw material.

Welded Blisters Market- Market Segmentation:

The welded blisters market can be segmented on the basis of raw material type, blister techniques, product type and its applications. On the basis of blister raw material, the welded blister market can be segmented into polymers, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinylidene chloride, rigid polyvinyl chloride (RPVC) and polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE). On the basis of blister techniques, the welded blisters market can be segmented into heat, cold and pressure techniques. On the basis of product type, the welded blisters market can be segmented into high frequency welded blisters, radio frequency (RF) welded blisters, ultrasonic welded blisters and thermowelded blisters. On the basis of application, the welded blisters market can be segmented into cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, toys and electronics.

Welded Blisters Market- Regional Outlook:

Geographically, the welded blisters market can be segmented into five key regions including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America and Asia-Pacific are the fastest growing manufacturer of the welded blisters market and is anticipated to grow at the same rate. Therefore, due to the new market emergence and the growth in the pharmaceutical sector over the past decade, the welded blisters market in Asia and Europe is also expected to grow at a healthy rate over the forecast period of 2017-2027.

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Welded Blisters Market- Key Players:

Some of the key players of the welded blisters market are Dispak Industries, BDN Packaging Ltd, Ellepack, PeckpakGDK, Goel Plastic India and Lovell Industries. 

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