Schrenz Paper Market Report Explored in Latest Research

Global Schrenz Paper Market: Overview

Schrenz Paper is manufactured from 100% waste recycled fibers without any functional additives. Schrenz paper is low quality paper used as a middle layer in the manufacturing of 5F corrugated cardboard or as a liner in the manufacture of cheap cardboard. Schrenz paper is inexpensive and is used for wrapping applications where the demand for high tear strength does not play a major role. Schrenz paper is mostly a liner used for the inner layer of the three layered or five layered box. Schrenz paper is made without the addition of starch, glue or color, which is the case with the test liner. Therefore Shrenz paper has lower technical characteristics than test liner. Schrenz paper is also used for making paper cores of less load bearing capacity. Schrenz paper is available in small & medium size rolls and sheets. Apart from usage in corrugated boxes Schrenz paper is nowadays increasingly used as a cost effective alternative for packaging, wrapping and stuffing. Schrenz paper is gaining traction in the industries where multilayered corrugation and inexpensive paper for cushioning is required. Schrenz paper is made with low grade old paper and the fibers are fixated using hydrogen bonds and not glue. As many industries are trying to incorporate cost-effective alternative materials, schrenz paper is one of them. Schrenz paper is used as a part of protective packaging where it is used for cushioning. Schrenz paper is also used for void filling to protect products from damages in the shipping box.

Global Schrenz Paper Market: Dynamics

The schrenz paper demand is expected to rise in the transport and logistics industries as a protective packaging component used to fill voids, wrapping and cushioning. Nowadays it is common for a package to be handled with little care during the transport. Shock and vibration are controlled by the cushioning provided by the schrenz paper, significantly reducing the chance of product damage. Schrenz paper is cost effective as it is made from old recycled paper. Schrenz paper serves purposes such as layering between corrugated boxes, filling voids and cushioning for which high paper strength is not required. Schrenz paper is also used for wrapping items in a package providing protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. There has been a growth in the transport and logistics industries and schrenz paper is gaining traction due to its cost effectiveness. The demand for multi-layered cardboard boxes is increased due to its increased applications in transport and logistics and e-commerce, which in turn increases the demand for schrenz paper which is used in the layering of multilayered corrugated boxes. Corrugated packaging is mostly used as secondary packaging as it provides a protective packaging for fragile items.

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Global Schrenz Paper Market: Segmentation

The Schrenz Paper Market is segmented on the basis of paper weight in to:

  • Up to 80 g/m2
  • 80 g/m– 90 g/m2
  • 90 g/m– 100 g/m2
  • 100g/m– 120 g/m2
  • >120 g/m2

The Schrenz Paper Market is segmented on the basis of product type in to:

  • Rolls
  • Reels
  • Sheets

The Schrenz Paper Market is segmented on the basis of application in to:

  • Layering
  • Padding
  • Void Filling
  • Cushioning
  • Wrapping

Global Schrenz Paper Market: Regional Outlook

Schrenz paper has been increasingly used in the USA for the transport and logistics of heavy and fragile goods. Emerging economies such as China, India Indonesia and South Korea provide a huge growth opportunity for global schrenz paper market. Germany and UK are expected to show a positive growth in the global schrenz paper market due to the cost effective approach adopted by many industries. Reusing recovered paper to make schrenz paper in the US has become most affordable and cost-effective ways in reducing the environmental impact of other materials such as foam. The USA is estimated to register the highest share of global schrenz paper market during the forecast period.

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Key Manufacturers

  • APV Germany GmbH
  • Fabrika Hartije Beograd
  • Meyer Verpackungen
  • Vrancart
  • Aubry Papier
  • EcoPaper S.A.
  • Rossmann
  • J Hoogstraten

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