HDPE Containers Market Trends Estimates High Demand by 2028

Global HDPE Containers Market: Overview

HDPE containers are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) granules which are made by heating petroleum to certain desired temperature.  HDPE containers are strongly preferred over traditional plastic bottles due to its properties such as lightweight, durable, long lasting, impact-resistant and weather resistant. From the manufacturing point of view HDPE containers are reusable and easy to mold, and it emits less of harmful gasses during production. HDPE Containers are used in packaging of chemicals, detergents, cosmetic, fruit juices, etc. as it doesn’t contaminate any product. HDPE containers have several distinguishing properties which make it ideal for the packaging industry. It is stronger than standard polyethylene and acts as a strong barrier against moisture, while maintaining its solid state at odd temperatures. HDPE containers do not produce harmful emissions during production and during its consumption cycle and therefore has become the most preferred thermoplastic. HDPE containers are a sustainable packaging choice as they can be recycled. HDPE containers are a versatile product and are applicable to a variety of applications ranging from consumables packaging, cosmetics, personal care products, beverage bottles, household goods to technical parts and even products used in construction industry. HDPE containers have the large strength to density ratio and are easily flexible and highly weatherproof. HDPE containers are lightweight, readily available and economical in nature. The above mentioned properties make HDPE containers different from traditional plastics.

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Global HDPE Containers Market: Dynamics

HDPE containers are highly preferred for number of packaging applications due to its environmentally friendly nature and recyclability. HDPE containers are the most commonly recycled plastics on a very large scale globally. HDPE containers have a huge worldwide market among all thermoplastic containers. Demand for high-density polyethylene resins has been continuously rising since last few years due to increase infrastructural activities globally. The major driving factor of the HDPE containers is the rise in the demand for plastic containers due to its great performance advantages over alternative packaging formats. HDPE containers are preferred material in the packaging industry because of it is comparatively a low-cost material. HDPE containers include bottles, jars, cups, bowls, cans, drums and pails etc., bottles and jars represent more than 50% of share among the other container type. Among major bottle and jar markets, the fastest gains for HDPE containers are anticipated for pharmaceutical and food applications. In pharmaceutical applications, growth of HDPE containers will be supported by rising pharmaceutical production. However, fluctuation in the HDPE resin price can affect the HDPE containers price adversely. Competitive materials such as polypropylene may also hamper the growth of HDPE containers market during the forecast period.

Global HDPE Containers Market: Segmentation

Global HDPE containers market is segmented on the basis of Container Type:

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Cups & Bowls
  • Drums
  • Cans
  • Others

Global HDPE containers market is segmented on the basis of Capacity into:

  • Upto 200 ml
  • 200-500 ml
  • 500 -1000 ml
  • 1000 ml and above

Global HDPE containers market is segmented on the basis of end-use:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Industrial
  • Petroleum Industry

Global HDPE Containers Market: Regional

The global HDPE containers market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast primarily due to increasing end-industry usage, technological advancements and continuously growing demand from countries such as India and China. Easy availability of the HDPE polymer as a raw material in the US, Germany and Japan has resulted in increased usage of this plastic resin for HDPE containers. Middle East and Africa to witness moderate to high growth in the HDPE containers market during the forecast period.

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Global HDPE Containers Market: Key Manufacturers

  • Parker Plastics
  • Graham Blowpack Pvt.ltd.
  • Vivek Polymer India
  • Maynard & Harris Plastics
  • CL Smith
  • All American Containers
  • Alpha Packaging
  • Kaufman Container
  • Fisherbrand
  • United states

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