PET Syrup Bottle Market Growth to Surge Owing to Increasing Adoption by End-use Applications

PET Syrup Bottle Market: Overview

Plastic syrup bottles are used for storing liquid medicine, liquid food items, and beverages. The PET syrup bottles are made up of plastic resins called as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The Pet bottles are preferred over other rigid packaging solutions because of its inherent properties like lightweight, transparent, and gives excellent finished packaging to the products. These parameters have positive impact on the growth of PET syrup bottle market. The three-layered PET bottles help for gamma rays irradiation which might be beneficial for chemical and pharmaceuticals sectors. The market of PET syrup bottle is growing rapidly because PET bottles have good resistance against chemical reactions. This property helps to maintain the shelf life of syrup. The market of PET syrup bottle is dynamic. The PET syrup bottles are translucent, leaves no residue and eco-friendly compared to other plastic resin bottles such as PP or HDPE or PVC. There is a tremendous rivalry among manufacturers of PET syrup bottles due to less initial capital requirement for the production of PET bottles. With the use of high-end technology, manufacturers are adding more worth into PET syrup bottle. The PET syrup bottles are tamper proof and lead to less wastage as these are leakage-proof bottles. The numerous benefits of PET bottles; it is expected that the global market of PET syrup bottle will increase rapidly during the forecast period.

PET Syrup Bottle Market: Dynamics

As plastic packages are easy to handle and lightweight, its preference over other packaging solutions is increasing consistently. The PET bottles are high pressure resistant, reusable and recyclable. The PET syrup bottles are virtually unbreakable. This results in less damage failures during filling of syrup and leads to less processing time. The shelf life medicine and hygiene maintenance become critical factors for pharmaceutical and medical sector. These issues are rescued with the use of PET syrup bottles as it gives good barrier against moisture, gas and light rays. All these factors are helping to drive the PET syrup bottle market at a global level. Besides this, PET syrup bottles production is very cost effective; hence the market of PET syrup bottle is increasing in multiples. The PET syrup market has increasing opportunities on the backdrop of an increase in the pharmaceutical market. It is expected that the market of PET syrup bottle will grow approximately 6% due to the increasing growth rate of the pharmaceutical sector.

Due to increasing awareness about environment safety, few plastic resins are hazardous and may affect health adversely. This might slow down the growth of Pet syrup Bottles though it is eco-friendly and easily degradable. The alternate packaging solutions like metal and glass might reduce the increase of PET syrup bottles, but as glass bottles tend to break easily and metal bottles are not user-friendly, preference of Pet syrup bottle might increase. 

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PET Syrup Bottle Market: Segmentation

By Shape,

  • Long Neck
  • Round
  • Square

By Capacity,

  • Less than equal to 50ml
  • 50ml to 100ml
  • 100ml to 250ml
  • 250ml to 500ml
  • 500ml above

By End Use,

  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Chemicals 

PET Syrup Bottle Market: Regional Outlook

The market for PET syrup bottles is increasing drastically at the global level during the forecast period.  It is witnessed that the Asia Pacific regions consist of the largest PET syrup market and it is further growing continuously with the increasing growth rate. On the other side, presently, the demand of Pet bottles and containers in the U.S. is increase with steady rates. However, through research, it is observed that the demand for PET syrup bottles will increase in The U.S. in the forecasted period.  The regulations and approval for PET resins from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in various regions results in exponential growth in PET syrup bottle market. The European Food Safety Authority also approves the use of PET bottles for syrup packaging which further boosts this market. With new regulations of France’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act implemented from 2020 and technological advancement to reduce climatic hazards, PET syrup bottles market has huge opportunities to increase in France.

PET Syrup Bottle Market: Key Players

  • Amcor Limited
  • Gerresheimer AG
  • All American Containers
  • Alpha Packaging
  • PET Power (RPC Group)
  • PontEurope
  • Berry Plastics,
  • Graham Packaging Company, 

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