Increasing Incidents of Cancer Create Opportunities in Endometriosis Treatment Market; Lack of Awareness Limits Regional Scope

A new study by the company, titled ‘ Endometriosis Treatment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028,’ points out the key dynamics present in the endometriosis treatment market. Endometriosis is a very painful condition for women, mostly affecting women in the reproductive age group. The condition can stay beyond that age and can cause a lot of physical and emotional stress. At present, the endometriosis treatment market offers no such reliable laboratory test even though it is an absolute need. Currently, not a single endometriosis cure option is available. Hence, endometriosis treatment is basically a pain suppressing action. A large number of women are affected by this condition and endometriosis treatment leads to a high healthcare expenditure. Not everyone can afford such treatment, thus, leading to severe difficulties among patients. An estimated annual economic cost exceeding billions of dollar is lost, which is mainly due to the loss of productivity among the patients.

There is evidence that
endometriosis may slightly increase a woman’s risk of developing a form of
cancer. Preventive endometriosis treatments are present to reduce the risk of
cancer among patients with endometriosis. However, the complete risk of
developing ovarian cancer is low among patients and there is no hereditary
characteristic related to endometriosis that could lead to cancer. Considering all
this, there are some exceptions in types of ovarian cancer which are more
observed in women with endometriosis conditions, though the percentage is
minimum. Other situations are much worse, as late endometriosis treatment could
lead to infertility in women. IVF complications are more in women with active
endometriosis as per clinical studies and research. There are also chances of
adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with endometriosis. As there are no such
reliable laboratory tests or surgical diagnosis methods for endometriosis, it
becomes hard for a patient to get early treatment.

Understanding endometriosis
treatment is still in shadows in most parts of the world. Women have to wait
for a very long time for an accurate diagnosis of endometriosis. The symptoms
associated with the condition are often ignored by medical professionals and
are treated as normal pain suffered during menstruation. The unbearable pain
suffered by women with endometriosis, affects every part of their lives. To
change this scenario, more women and young girls need education about the endometriosis
condition so that they can recognize the symptoms and undergo early
endometriosis treatment. Companies are coming with major branding and marketing
as well as new endometriosis treatment drugs with reduced costs to reach the
actual number of people affected with endometriosis.

Oral contraceptives are a basic
drug type used in endometriosis treatment. Patients are subjected to hormonal
therapy endometriosis treatment which triggers hormonal activity in the woman’s
body, lowering the hormones responsible for the menstrual cycle. New generation
endometriosis treatments such as GnRH Analogues, are estimated to gain huge
acceptance due to their quality response. Elagolix, brand name Orilissa, is a GnRH
antagonist which recently got FDA approval. It is projected to mark a standard in
endometriosis treatment. Manufacturers are focusing on hormonal therapy drugs
for endometriosis treatment, as they work much more efficiently than most other
pain management endometriosis treatment options. The rise in endometriosis
cases and rising awareness have led to a number of new drugs being held under the
research phase for endometriosis treatment.

The endometriosis treatment market is mostly consolidated in seven key regions. However, with a rise in awareness for endometriosis treatment, the market is estimated to hit other regions where the condition is still in shadows. Most of the drugs used for endometriosis treatment are off-label drugs, but clinical trials are being conducted for drugs that are primarily used for endometriosis treatment. Some of the key companies analyzed and studied in the endometriosis treatment market include AbbVie Inc., Bayer AG, AstraZeneca, Pfizer Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Ipsen Pharma, Myovant Sciences Ltd, Endoceutics, Inc., Debiopharm Group and Mayne Pharma Group Limited.

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