Artificial Intelligence to define Future Technology Fortifications

Artificial Intelligence

As technology changes our professional and personal lives, the rate at which it disrupts conventional status quos becomes a key concern for trade analysts, economies and regulatory authorities. Over the past decade, in particular, emergence of novel technologies has led to the arrival of new terminologies that have redefined the traditional understandings of consumers across the globe. People are being compelled to fasten up their abilities to grasp and adapt to emerging technologies. The pace at which technological advancements are penetrating businesses and verticals across all key industries might be assumed uncontrollable, albeit, the presence of such steadfast proliferation is vital to avert marketplaces from attaining stagnancy.

Changing Undercurrents of Technologies for the Foreseeable Future

By observing the current volatility across all technology-driven markets, companies partaking in development of new solutions, software and services are becoming more cautious. In the near feature, artificial intelligence (AI) will be observed as the most critical junction for convergence of all verticals in the global technology industry.

  • Tesla’s Sceptical Rebuttal on AI Developments

According to the recent attitudes of Tesla founder Elon Musk, the future with AI technologies is likely to be gloomy. Being among the top pioneering companies in the world, Tesla has spanned considerable traction across automotive, energy and space exploration marketplaces. But, the company is expected to showcase a listless interest towards development of AI technologies. Several tech experts may agree to Musk’s concern that developing intelligence artificially has potential to the natural sanctity of human instincts and reflexive behaviours, which are instrumental in governing the effectiveness of product or service.

  • AI Markets to Experience Active Participation

Markets driven by advancements in AI technologies are expected to witness active participation of existing players and higher influx of new market entrants. Regardless of Tesla’s stance, AI technologies will continue to be observed as the future of building information for improving customer experience, developing better decisions, and reinventing business models. Intelligent applications and analytics will be a buzzword, and almost every other company in the world will be incorporation AI technologies and smart solutions to develop distinguished technology platforms.

  • Adoption of Dedicated AI Chips

It is likely that in the subsequent years, every other smartphone in the world will be equipped with a dedicated AI chip. These chips might be integrated to the core functionalities of electronic devices, making them smarter than expected. Such chips hold the potential to change workplace structures, bringing in augmented analytics across all key businesses.

  • “Intelligence” of Things

Devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are being developed to inculcate machine-learning technologies and provide intelligent solutions for homes and other environments. Edge computing is expected to serve as the next leap from cloud solutions. With Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and other intelligent technologies making the headway, technology markets will also witness the disruptive arrival of blockchain.

Against the imminent backdrop of rapid transformation through AI and other advancements, several companies partaking in the technology-driven markets are expected to gauge the disruptive potential of all such arrivals before making decisions on their adoption.

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