Product Launch and Innovation to Fuel Sales of Flat Display Panels Globally


Increasing demand for relatively large display on the mobile phone has led to an upsurge in demand for flat display panels globally. Market players are increasingly focusing on launching new products in order to expand their market presence.

Product Launch to Boost Demand

Market players are increasingly focusing on offering the larger displays in the mobile phones to the customers. As gaming continues to gain significant importance, market players are mainly focusing on providing the customers with flat display panels with integrated technology. A recently published news report states that iPhone X has switched to the OLED technology, which is likely to offer various benefits to the end users. As compared to the current LCD technology, Apple has used the OLED display in its new iPhone X, which offers unlike the LCD screens does not provide any backlight.

The LCD flat display panels offer the end users a panel that is equally large as the screen and flashes a white light every time the screen is active. A range of filters and polarizers are layered in the front part of backlight, which helps in producing the image and controlling the light that flashes on the screen. This technology continues to be used in the flat-panel displays, however if the keeping backlight turned draws a lot of power, which serves as a major backdrop.

Every pixel has a tiny sum of organic material that fluoresces when the current flows, which helps the pixel flash light directly. The end users can also control the brightness of the screen at per-pixel level.

Product Innovation to Impact Market Growth

Another news report reveals that BenQ India has launched a range of new products that are used in the gaming devices. The company has recently launched a gaming monitor – BenQ Zowie XL2546 and BenQ Zowie Celeritas II, which is a premium gaming keyboard. BenQ has also launched a range of digital signage, interactive flat panels, and range of projectors that are expected to offer enhanced services to the end user in terms of education and business. Besides this, the company has further added DyAc (A Different Spray Feeling) technology, which is launched along with the Shield in its monitors. The integrated shield ensures that the end users play games on the screen without any distractions. As these shields are flexible, the end users can remove them as per the environment.

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