Why the Gaming Industry Continues to Flourished Persistently

Gaming Industry

Over the past two to three decades or so, the video game industry has grown manifolds. After the introduction of 3d technology, demand for video game content has soared exponentially. Gaming technology has entirely transformed with the arrival of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and esports. These new technologies are playing an instrumental role in driving the overall market for gaming. With development of new gaming consoles year after year, it seems, sky is the limit for the multi-billion dollar industry.

Of later, demand for games based of virtual reality and augmented reality is gaining traction. Meanwhile. Esports games remains a lucrative segment, as popularity of multiplayer video games played competitively in front of spectators is on the rise, esports games are typically played between professional gamers. This particular segment has slowly penetrating into viewers of traditional sports, luring a tech-savvy audience class who prefer web based broadcast of video contents. For instance, Electronic Entertainment Expo’s steaming had a remarkable viewership base and a lot of users poured into it through a number of popular live streaming platforms.  In recent years the viewer based of gaming video content has increased in leaps and bounds Most of these viewers watch such gaming event through subscribing video streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

There has been a significant rise in demand for downloadable content, making digital sales important for publishers and developers. Video game players are likely to spend more on addition content (tutorial and reviews).  This has been realized by game developer as Electronic Arts has recently revealed that their live services made a significant contribution to their 2Q earnings in 2017. Moreover, games that are available across multiple platforms such as FIFA 17, League of Legends and battle arena are witnessing more success. Meanwhile, demand for mobile based games is likely to reflect an impressive uptick owing increasing graphical enhancements in mobile games. Popularity of esports based mobile games is currently escalating as most users prefer to compete against each other.

Developers of VR games are planning to introduce more interactive content in order to offer users a more realistic gameplay. Undoubtedly, the virtual reality is the future of the video games as it is completely changing the concept of the gaming technology. In the years to come, VR based games are likely to become one of the most popular gaming types.

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