Understanding astaxanthin and its benefits

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment that belongs to a class of chemical compounds called terpenes. Astaxanthin is available in its harvestable and usable form in several marine animals. Most notable marine organisms that carry the carotenoid include the pacific salmon, shrimp, crabs, etc. The presence of astaxanthin in these animals is evidenced from the pinkish-red colour of their meat. These… Read MoreUnderstanding astaxanthin and its benefits »

Phytopathological Disease Diagnostics- Challenges and Future Directions

Arising, reappearing and endemic plant pathogens continues to challenge the ability to protect plant health around the world. Further, globalization, increased human mobility, climate change, and vector and pathogen evolution have assisted in spreading invasive plant pathogens. Accurate and early diagnoses and pathogen observation on global, regional, and local scales are important to outbreaks and offer time for application and… Read MorePhytopathological Disease Diagnostics- Challenges and Future Directions »

Advantages and risks of food irradiation

There have been several debates over the advantages and dangers of food irradiation in the past. However, food irradiation has steadily become a common practise in the packaged food industry across the globe over the years. Going forward, it is likely that food irradiation will increase as there is growing sensitivity over health and hygiene concerns thanks to the COVID-19… Read MoreAdvantages and risks of food irradiation »

Work from home: An enduring legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic

A pandemic of the magnitude being experienced today was scarcely foreseen by laymen or experts. However, that the Covid-19 virus did cause a pandemic and continues to affect daily life is now a reality. The pandemic has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths across all continents save Antarctica, led to losses of jobs and livelihoods, strained healthcare systems and… Read MoreWork from home: An enduring legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic »

Top health benefits of herbs and spices

Different herbs and spices have been a staple in several types of foods from across the world for centuries. These priced commodities have often been at the centre of trade, wars and conquests. In fact, the era of colonialism traces its routes back to the rapid increase in demand for spices in European markets. With increasing globalisation, herbs and spices… Read MoreTop health benefits of herbs and spices »

Recent Advancements & Challenges Faced by Physiotherapy Equipment

Physical therapy refers to an act to human being related to assessment, diagnosis as well as treatment of bodily defects through conditions of abnormal movement or disease, health promotion, correction, prevention and rehabilitation of deterioration and mental & physical disabilities via physical therapy methods or the usage of tools or equipment permitted by Minister as physiotherapy tools & equipment. The… Read MoreRecent Advancements & Challenges Faced by Physiotherapy Equipment »

Enteral Feeding Devices – Importance and Recent Developments

Nutrition act as a vital role in keeping up health as well as in the management and prevention of a range of diseases. Nutritional sustenance is the treatment for individuals who can’t get enough sustenance by drinking or eating.  Enteral feeding devices deliver nutrients directly into the digestive tract utilizing a tube. This tube is generally positioned into the stomach,… Read MoreEnteral Feeding Devices – Importance and Recent Developments »

Top 10 Brands in IQF Vegetable Market

The growing preference for healthy eating has led to heightened activity in the IQF vegetable market. Although demand is concentrated in urban centers of US, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, the trend is catching on. According to a study by Future Market Insights, the global IQF vegetable market will reach nearly USD 2 billion by 2026.  Although China and India… Read MoreTop 10 Brands in IQF Vegetable Market »

Plant-based Snacks Market in Europe

An increasing number of people are preferring to eliminate or reduce animal products in their diet. As a result, a bigger cohort of plant-based alternative products has become visible at fast-food chains, public events, restaurants, and grocery stores.  People are becoming more aware of the negative sets up of modern animal agriculture all over the world, in addition to the… Read MorePlant-based Snacks Market in Europe »