Top 10 Brands in IQF Vegetable Market

The growing preference for healthy eating
has led to heightened activity in the IQF vegetable market. Although demand is
concentrated in urban centers of US, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, the
trend is catching on. According to a study by Future Market Insights, the
global IQF vegetable market will reach
nearly USD 2 billion by 2026.

 Although China and India are also key markets for IQF
vegetables, demand is yet to permeate into the mainstream. IQF vegetable brands
are on the lookout for gauging the ever-evolving consumer sentiment on IQF
vegetables. Some of the leading IQF vegetable brands include,


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Retail and
customer service chain, Coles, an Australian supermarket deals with variety of
services, one of it being the production of frozen vegetables. Working and
delivering sustainable solutions, Coles has a revenue of almost $38.175

Bird’s eyes

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Bird’s Eye is a
proud partner of Environmental Media Association’s “Green My School” program. This brand has partnered with few celebrities who
visit schools and help in cultivating garden. This step also instils the importance of plant-based nutrition
and agriculture.

The veggies
ripen in the field until they are picked, unlike other fresh vegetables which
ripen on their way to the grocery
store. The veggies contain no artificial colours or flavours. They are simply
fresh and flash frozen.  

Birds Eye has
invested technology fields that help them communicate with plants. This allow
production schedule, so that picking, transportation, washing and freezing is
done within few hours. This process conserves water and energy, while locking
the important quality and taste.


The introduction of Australia’s largest food retailer brand, is a
strategic move away from deepening price wars which inclines towards offering many
commercial benefits.

These brands allows attraction of a new shopper
who seeks value and is willing to pay extra for a better quality product. Woolworths specialises in
groceries, vegetables, fruits etc.

 Woolworths launched the “Fresh Food
People” campaign after the implementation of modified company protocols
for improving fresh food department.


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ITC Farmland frozen vegetables are selected from the
choicest veggies which grows across India. Carefully graded, cleaned and
handpicked all of these vegetables are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to
secure the freshness and nutrition.

These vegetables are processed hygienically at
state-of-the-art plants. Farmland ensures ensure that these vegetables are
available at any time of the season and are pre-cleaned as ready-to-cook
item, making the cooking experience hassle-free. According
to the group head S Sivakumar, ITC Agri and IT Business, are now planning to create
more export-oriented fruits and vegetables. This category clusters for both
fresh and frozen foods and vegetables in the category.

Market Fare

All the brand products for Aldi, including
Market Fare frozen vegetables, are included among those categories where
bags of essential snap frozen vegetables are mixed. Bell Farms steam veggie
carrot, corns and other mixed vegetable and are sold at Woolworths.

Supermarkets including Woolworths, Aldi and
AGA have pulled surplus packets of sweetcorn and frozen vegetable products for
production. This award-wining frozen range plays it cool with every vegetable
frozen within minutes of harvesting.


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Heinz vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness, snap frozen and then sealed
in steamer bags, which in turn helps them retain their flavour. It gives the
liberty to enjoy nutritious freshlysteamed vegetables without any hassle followed.

fresh carrot corn and broccoli frozen range gives a quick and addition to the


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Green Giant has been focused into healthy
convenience lately. First, they revealed the four types of pre-spiralized
vegetables and have now released their version of cauliflower pizza

Most of our
corn which Green Giant manufactures is out of Minnesota, with the twist of
being packed out of the Pacific Northwest. This brand has developed their own sweet
corn hybrid seed. This seed is unique and believes to grow into the best sweet

bean casserole is a classic thanksgiving staple by Green Giant.

This brand appears on several
tables for the annual American holiday and decided to take the festivities to
the next level by cooking up a 637 lb. dish.


The National Frozen &
Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) recommended Pictsweet
as a quick and easy solutions
available to the families brought through farms as a flavourful and wholesome
meal. Pre-cut and authentically prepared for roasting, this brands offers
ready-to-eat meal within 20 minutes and presents a roasted veggie happy dance.


Nile Agricultural Ind. Co. (AGA) is a market driven organization which
incorporates its products to the trend & demands set out by its customer.

AGA produces & distributes different lines of
products under the brand name “AGA” and has maintained their position
as one of the leaders’ brands in the local market.

It aims to serve as contract
manufacture, cold store, imported & distributor for partner client.  AGA
products range from almost 70 products classified under juices, frozen
vegetables, pickles and jams.

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New Zealand’s nutrient-rich soils
and temperate climate justifies Logan Farms as being the ideal brand growing
vegetables and potatoes.

The superior quality of fruits
and veggies are produced in the environment which has increasing demand for a range
of frozen vegetables and potato products worldwide.

The art of growing and processing
systems ensures control over every aspect of planting, freezing, harvesting,
processing and then looking into packing, cold storage, and freight. The fully
integrated system delivers consistent quality throughout and selects the best
attributes of fresh produce delivery from farm to customer.

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