Egg White Protein Powder: From Dietary Supplements to Cosmetics, the Applications Seem Endless

Nutraceuticals have become all the rage in recent years even
as their medical and health benefits are being popularized, and can be
classified as being between food and medicine. They are generally taken as food
supplements and are considered pharmaceutical alternatives. Nutraceuticals have
become popular due to the growing trend of consumers becoming increasingly
health conscious and taking proactive steps by opting for healthier foods. This
has caused a rising demand for natural high protein foods, such as protein
powders, of which egg white in its powdered form is an important ingredient.

There is also the growing trend of wellness and health care
which is changing the way healthcare is being perceived by patients and
professionals, best understood as preventive healthcare. With nutraceuticals
being explored as products that aid and encourage muscle repair, and boost
overall health, preventive healthcare as a trend has also had a positive effect
on the growth of the larger nutraceuticals industry and in turn on the egg
white powder market.

The growing population and the increase in the incidence of diseases has forced consumer to acknowledge the nutritional value of foods being consumed and make informed choices prior to consumption. With consumers beginning to take the maintenance of their health in to their own hands, the demand for egg white powder has rapidly increased, and manufacturers are steadily introducing new processes and products to keep pace with this method.

The egg white protein market has grown at a moderate pace in
recent years and is expected to continue growing in a steady fashion due to the
growing demand for the same, in the foreseeable future.

Causes for the
Popularity of Egg White Protein Powder

There is an increasing segment of consumers looking for
lactose and gluten free products that are a good source of protein, reinforcing
the prospects of egg white protein powder in the market. With egg white protein
powder being considered an alternative for dairy based whey counterparts, adding
to the growing popularity. Another reason to which the growing popularity of
egg white protein powder can be credited with is that it is gluten free. It can
be used as a viable alternative in gluten protein in breads and cookies, and as
a replacement for animal protein in preparation of foods as well, making it a
versatile product, adding to its popularity.

Egg white protein powder due to the convenience in storage
and transport due to its form is also a factor in the expansion of the product,
while its accessibility and affordability continues to make it popular with
consumers as well.

Egg white protein powder is majorly used in dietary
supplements, but as of late, the market is looking at increasing demand from
cosmetics and personal care products, where egg white protein powder is one
being adopted as an all-natural ingredient.

This unabated trend of the attractiveness of egg white is
encouraging manufacturers in the landscape to investing in research and
development to increase the shelf life of egg whites without compromising on
its nutritive value or integrity.

Could Veganism be a

While proactive healthcare and awareness of the nutritive
value of additives has been a positive influence on the egg white protein
powder market, the changing consumer preference for vegan food and non-animal
based additives is expected to restrain the market from growing at its fullest
potential. Veganism is on its second wave globally across both developing and
developed countries, and players in the market see this as an important factor
that could reshape the egg white protein powder landscape.

Future of Egg White
Powder is in its Varied Applications

Egg whites as a fresh product have been used extensively across industries as stabilizers, and its application as a stabilizer has only increased with its availability in powered form. Egg white powders have become a critical component in the food industry, where it finds applications in a variety of foods from every day preparations to being an ingredient in specialty foods. As an everyday food, it used as a substitute for animal based proteins to bind ingredients and as an ingredient in complex foods, it is a crucial ingredient in supplementary protein powders. They also find application as creation high gel albumen powders to assist the process of dispersion during the preparation of emulsifiers. The versatility of egg white powder has also led to it being used in beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, retail, and cosmetics and personal care. Manufacturers are looking to leverage this malleability of egg white powder and focus research and developments catering specifically to these industries. With the awareness of the benefits and advantages of egg white powder growing, companies in the market are aiming to focus on easy accessibility, to encourage the growth of the adoption of egg white protein powder

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