Metallized Paper Market Opportunity Assessment to Reveal Lucrative Growth Prospects for Players by 2028

Metallized Paper Market: Introduction and Need of the Product

Metallized paper is a packaging paper that offers high aesthetics and protective properties to the packaged product. It is commonly made up of aluminum and paper. The metallized paper could be easily produced by lamination or vacuum metallization processes. In the lamination process, non-coated paper is glued to the aluminum sheet of thickness between 9 microns to 12 microns. However, the vacuum metallization process involves deposition of a layer of aluminum on a one-side coated substrate. Vacuum metallization is a highly efficient process which uses approximately 300 times less aluminum than that of aluminum used in the lamination process. Metallized paper is widely used for the variety of end-use applications in gift wrapping, food packaging, labels, and cigarettes packaging applications. Among the metallized products market, metallized paper accounts for nearly 32% of the overall consumption. Metallized paper is extensively used for packaging and labelling applications. Both of these segments account for more than 3/4th of the global metallized paper market.

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Metallized Paper Market: Market Dynamics

Metallized paper is a sustainable alternative to plastic-based packaging used for labelling and packaging applications. More and more end-user companies are moving towards using eco-friendly packaging solutions which in turn create a high demand for the metallized paper in the global market. The demand for metallized paper for wrapping applications is also growing due to the increasing trends towards gifting in the major countries of North America and Europe. Some of the factors that might affect the growth of the metallized paper is its recyclability. It is very difficult to recycle a multilayer paper that consists of two materials. There are large growth opportunities for metallized paper manufacturers in the cigarette packaging applications. This is primarily due to the increasing demand for cigarettes in the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific and Latin America region. The manufacturers are focusing on cost reduction techniques to increase their profitability margins on the final product.

Metallized Paper Market: Market Segmentation:

Metallized Paper Market Segmentation: By Manufacturing Process

  • Lamination
  • Vacuum Metallization

Metallized Paper Market Segmentation: By Paper Finish

  • Luster Finish Matte Finish Paper Glossy Finish Paper
  • Embossed Finish
  • Holographic Finish
  • Others

Metallized Paper Market Segmentation: By Paper Thickness

  • Up to 6 Microns
  • 6 to 12 Microns
  • More than 12 Microns

Metallized Paper Market Segmentation: By Application

  • Wrapping/Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Decorating
  • Others

Metallized Paper Market Segmentation: By End Use

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Industrial
  • Others

Metallized Paper Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of region, the metallized paper market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, APEJ (Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan), Middle East & Africa, and Japan. The U.S. metallized paper market is expected to witness moderate growth rate during the forecast period, primarily due to a slight increase in the demand for metallized paper from prominent applications such as labels and food wrapping. However, the demand for metallized paper is expected to increase in the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific such as India and China. The consumption of packaged food is increasing at a decent rate in both of these countries which, in turn, creates a high demand for paper wrapping solutions. Also, countries such as, Brazil, Mexico, and KSA, also offer untapped growth opportunities in the global metallized paper market.

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Metallized Paper Market: Market Players

Some of the key players in the metallized paper market are Torraspapel S.A., Nissha Co., Ltd., P. H. Glatfelter Company, AR Metallizing NV, Lecta SA, Ritrama S.p.A., Rotoflex Metallized Paper Spa, Vacumet Metallized Paper, Sysco Industries Pvt. Ltd., Verso Corporation, Singular Metallizing Paper Corp., API Group, Brigl und Bergmeister GmbH, Amsterdam Metallized Products B.V., ITALSTICK Soc. Coop., Vacmet India Ltd., Vacumet Corp., and Celplast.

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