Hoarding Tarpaulin Market Demand & Growth Analysis, Industry Trends and Key Opportunities by 2028

Hoarding tarpaulin market: Overview

Hoarding tarpaulin is a large waterproof sheet made of High- density polyethylene, low- density polyethylene or PVC which is used to wrap the job site and hoardings to prevent it from the tough environmental conditions. Another application of the hoarding tarpaulins is to retain heat by covering a specific area. These sheets are lightweight, puncture resistant, and high in tensile strength and are made of durable material to withstand strong winds and rain. Hoarding tarpaulin sheets are available in various sizes and thickness. These sheets are inert to any chemical and acids. Hoarding tarpaulin sheets find a more significant share of application in the construction industry. Large hoarding tarpaulin is required to cover hoarding boards, in- construction buildings and job sites to prevent it from harsh climatic extreme. With its high flexibility and elongation property hoarding tarp is draped over odd objects. The global construction industry has witnessed rapid growth and is expected to grow at a steady rate which will lead to the growth of hoarding tarpaulin market. Along with the construction industry, hoarding tarpaulins also find its light duty applications in other sectors such as wood and agricultural industry for protective storage because of its waterproof nature.

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Hoarding tarpaulin market: Dynamics

Hoarding tarpaulins are the preferred choice of the construction industry for enclosures and general utility tarpaulin applications. Hoarding tarpaulin market is expected to globally increase in the coming years due to its outstanding properties such as light in weight, UV resistant, and being translucent it allows light to pass through, keeping the workspace bright. Some hoarding tarpaulins have a technology wherein they can be moved using cable in between the construction floors. Hoarding tarpaulins market play a significant role in the construction industry by providing safe coverage to the job site. Hoarding tarpaulin is customized according to the specific job requirements. The significant drivers influencing the hoarding tarpaulin market include the increase in population, a higher rate of urbanization and higher economic growth. The rainy season accounts for the highest sale of hoarding tarpaulins. The unwanted climatic conditions may hinder the construction work, but hoarding tarpaulins make the task easy even in the severe climatic conditions. The introduction of climate-changing tarpaulin system allows easy configuration of heating and cooling to match the exact needs. It eliminates the lengthy setup of conventional hoarding tarpaulins. This new technology may hamper the growth of hoarding tarpaulin market.

Hoarding tarpaulin market: Segmentation

Material segments hoarding tarpaulin market

  • Polyethylene High-density polyethylene Low -density polyethylene
  • PVC- polyvinyl chloride

Hoarding tarpaulin market is segmented by weight –

  • 85 to 110 grams per square meter
  • 200 grams per square meter and above

Hoarding tarpaulin market is segmented on the basis thickness-

  • 1 mil
  • 1.5 mil
  • 5 mil
  • Others

Hoarding tarpaulin market: The geographical outlook of the hoarding tarpaulin market in the respective regions

The global hoarding tarpaulin market is divided into seven areas

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  • Japan

North America has seen a massive rise in the global tarpaulin market with the growth rate ranging from 4% to 5% followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. In the application segment construction and transportation accounts for a more significant share of hoarding tarpaulin market in North America. Regarding hoarding tarpaulin types, polyethylene hoarding tarpaulins are high in demand and have helped the hoarding tarpaulin market to grow steadily. PE tarpaulin market accounts for over 56% of total share in the global tarpaulin market in the year 2018. This figure gives a favorable scenario of the hoarding tarpaulin market during the forecast period.

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Hoarding tarpaulin market: Key Players in the hoarding tarpaulin market

  • Canadian Tarpaulin manufacturers Ltd.
  • Western Tarpaulin & Co.
  • Norseman Inc.
  • Layfield Construction Products
  • Inland Plastics
  • Tarps Now
  • Southern Tarpaulins
  • Puyong Industrial
  • Glen Harp & Sons
  • Kaps Tex


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