Importance on Brand Visibility Increases Scope of Cosmetic Pencil and Pen Packaging Market

Cosmetic pencils and pens include personal beauty products
such as eyebrow pencils, pens, liners, and lipstick among others. While older
variants of cosmetic packaging includes primarily comprised of glass jars and
bottles, newer variants such as pencils and pens have increased rapidly in
recent years owing to the rising number of working women, and the consequent
growth in preference for cosmetic products that can be used on the go.

The cosmetic pencil and pen packaging market is also supported by frequent advances in technology and the growing activity of purchases on ecommerce platforms, which has a major impact of the adoption of pen and pencil variants for cosmetics. Versatility in pen and pencil packaging in terms of packaging design is expected to have a larger contribution on the growth of the market. This can be attributed to the advantages that manufacturers can avail in terms of ease of marketing, thereby reducing recalls, boosting visibility of brands, and increasing sales and revenue. Other key influencers in the cosmetic pencil and pen packaging market can include factors such as:

  1. North America and Europe are projected to lead
    the cosmetic pencil and pen packaging market in the near future in terms of
    total revenue. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific market is estimated to
    display a stronger rate of growth, owing to the increased pervasiveness of the
    internet and online shopping in the region, in addition to the increased
    influence of western beauty trends in recent years.
  2. In the recent past, manufacturers have increased
    their focus towards the marketing of these products with the aim of boosting
    brand visibility through differentiation of products through packaging
    strategy. This trend is also expected to boost the rates of customer
    engagement. Consequently, high emphasis is put on portable design innovations
    that increase customer appeal, attract new users, and assist in retaining older
    consumers for the brand.

While, cosmetic pencils and pens are largely made from metal, plastic, and wood, plastic variants are estimated to be dominant in the near future owing to lower costs.

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