FGCC Appoints AWE Hospitality to Improve their Food & Beverage Operations

Food & Beverage

According to the food & beverage survey results which were announced earlier this year, the Fairfield Glade Community Club appointed AWE Hospitality, to assess the Fairfield Glade food & beverage operations. Currently operating the Tellico Village food & beverage outlets, AWE Hospitality is an entity which helps a company gain grounds in several new markets by raising its profile, separating it from less service-oriented industry rivals, and finally, positioning them for exceptional future growth.

In its assessment, AWE made the following major recommendations to the Fairfield Glade Community Club:

  1. Switch primary food supplier

Identifying how the Fairfield Glade Community Club has employed a high-priced food supplier, AWE recommends changing the company’s main food supplier to Gordon Food Service, Knoxville, gauging that this change will result in improved food quality as well as reduced supply costs.

  1. Hiring better food runners

A food runner can replace a waiter, and make the customer experience great by allowing the restaurants to serve food at a faster pace.

  1. Better training program

AWE mentioned that the Fairfield Glade Community Club should reinforce and implement an improved training program for all the members of its food & beverage team.

  1. Reconstruct the kitchen for more efficiency

For making the culinary operations more efficient, and rendering spontaneity to food preparations, AWE has suggested a through kitchen reconstruction by installing upgraded foodservice equipment.

  1. Right person at the right job

AWE recommends evaluation of each member handling the Fairfield Glade Community Club’s food & beverage operations.

The Fairfield Glade Community Club (FGCC) envisions to be a growing resort community. To keep moving in forward direction, FGCC is also going to elect strong visionary directors who will take onus in creating progress. While there are only two positions opened for the directors, which will last for a three-year tenure, around ten applicants have been shortlisted for these positions.

Following to the exit of the director of food & beverage with effect from July 6, FGCC has appointed AWE Hospitality to provide assistance in implementing these recommendations, and also act as the director of food & beverage for the subsequent months. The community club is positive and believes that AWE will help them expand and develop the quality of their food & beverage products and services. The community club has also asked AWE Hospitality to provide them a proposal after they had recommended the changes to their food & beverage operations.

The FGCC was equally thankful for the patience of their customers while they were working persistently to advance their Food & Beverage operations.

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