Customer Chaos at TNT Depots after Cyber-Attack Meltdown


The NotPetya cyber-attack on June 28 hit at least 2,000 individuals and organizations around the world, which also included TNT’s systems. Hundreds of thousands of parcels had been caught up at TNT depots during this meltdown, after which the company admitted that it is still struggling to cope up with the aftermath of the attack, magnitude of which crippled IT systems all over the world.

Beginning in the Ukraine, businesses were hit the hardest. Many of TNT’s setups and transportations are based in the country, which resulted in intrusion in many of its systems, majorly hacking data encryption and locking the employees out.

Reason for the Meltdown

The company in its defense said that still manual processes are being used to put packages through the system, and due to this reason, possibly some information will never be fully recovered. Owing to the same, the customers are trying to get the status of their undelivered parcels through TNT’s UK staff as packages at the companies East Midlands hub have shot up while international shipments are still being processed manually.

Although, most organizations started their operation again within hours and days. But, the attack’s impact is now starting to emerge and causing damages to some big businesses. Owing to the affected operation around the world, the company witnessed drops in its share by more than 3%, the company also admitted of not being insured about the attack. FedEx, TNT’s parent company, was forced to notify the New York stock exchange that its earnings will be down consequently of the attack.

FedEx reveals Impact Radius

Though FedEx said that its other companies were not impacted by the cyber-attack, they didn’t face any issue related to a data breach. It acknowledged that the customers are facing extensive service, and invoicing delays & manual processes are practiced to assist the operations and customer service functions. Even though, the time to full restoration of the affected system is still not estimated as the business data was encrypted by the virus. TNT is taking measures to implement contingency plans to alleviate and moderate the impact of the virus.

The company’s most recent update was from the report, which was published on 17 July, stating that all TNT depots, hubs and facilities were operational. But then, repeatedly, it was also reported that the customer care phone line of TNT’s UK hub was not functional on Monday, along with the email services, which further fueled the frustration of the customers.

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